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VEROCH is a Florida company that attends the Safety Testing Equipment industry, we sell and likewise calibrate those equipment according the standards our clients requires. VEROCH certainly knows there are many standards and regulations in the US and around the world, such as IEC, EN, UL Testing Standards, VDE, GB, ANSI Test Requirements, that set the safety guidelines that products must meet before they can be placed on the market; consequently,  we aim to provide the necessary support to help companies comply with those standards.
For the reasons that we are mentioning, attending those standards and requirements will only cause stress and headaches as different industries have different end-user expectations to comply with and maybe it seems like an unfathomable task, and consequently, here is where our expertise will come handy.

How can Veroch help your company?

We commit to deliver the best product safety testing equipment our clients need  during the product development, certification, manufacturing and above all, the testing process, and as a result, help their companies with compliant, safe, and superior quality products to their clients.

Besides that, VEROCH calibration laboratories will ensure your equipment are taking accurate measurements and can stand up to any inspection or auditory processes. We also partnered with other laboratories in the country and as result we can offer a wider array of calibrations.

Mission Statement

To deliver safety testing  products and solutions efficiently to our customers, enabling them to improve their product development; product certification and product manufacturing process. Reducing overall costs while complying with regulations standards and quality control processes.

Our ValuesVerochAboutUsImage2

‣ Passion

‣ Team Work

‣ Fairness

‣ Accountability

‣ Focus on Results

What We Do

VEROCH is a manufacturer, reseller, and calibration laboratory operating in South Florida, USA.

VEROCH specializes in manufacturing and reselling Product Safety Testing Equipment and distributes it almost around the world.

Competitive Advantages

‣ High Quality, Innovative, and Simple Products

‣ On Time Delivery

‣ Fair Price

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