VRI SHS Impact Spring Hammer Single Energy

Product Description

VRI SHS Impact Spring Hammer Single Energy 

 The VEROCH Impact Spring Hammer Single Energy  is designed to perform impact tests for product durability.

  • Meets the testing needs of industry standards such as IEC 60065, 60335, 60598, 60601, 61010 among others.
  • The hammer simulates mechanical impact to electronic products and electrical appliances.
  • The impact hammer is set at the factory to one specific energy level.
  • The energy range available is between 0.14 Nm to 1 Nm (Joule).
  • The energy should be specified at the time of ordering.

The VRI SHS Impact Spring Hammer – Single is an economical solution when you only need one energy level, if you need to adjust the energy you should consider the UNIVERSAL version. A compressed spring accelerates a striking element to hit the sample undergoing test. The spring is released from a locking mechanism by pressing the cone-shaped end of the impact hammer against the product under test. This product meets requirements of IEC 60068-2-75.