ISO 17025 Calibration Lab


     Veroch Calibration Laboratory

Veroch Calibration Laboratory is ISO 17025  Accredited Laboratory with an extensive scope of calibrations, accuracy, convenience and confidence you can trust!!

Veroch Calibration Laboratory includes capabilities in Dimensional, Mechanical, Mass Flow, Mass, Flammability, Energy, Force and Thermodynamic calibrations.

Veroch Calibration Laboratory has a “WET LAB” well prepared for all your ingress protection (NEMA  & IP Codes) calibrations.

Include an ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate with your purchase to ensure your equipment is taking accurate measurements and can stand up to any inspection or auditing process.




There are many standards and regulations in the US and around the world, specifying those products such as: IEC, EN, UL Testing Standards, VDE, GB, ANSI Test Requirements, must meet certain safety standards before they can be placed on the market.
To attend those standards and requirements could cause stress and headaches as different industries have different end-user expectations to comply with.

How can Veroch help your company?

Veroch, is committed to delivering the best product safety testing equipment our clients need during the product development, certification, and manufacturing process to help their companies with compliant, safe, and superior quality products to their clients.

In addition to that, Veroch ISO 17025 calibration laboratories will ensure your equipment are taking accurate measurements and can stand up to any inspection or auditory processes.

Veroch Lab is IEC ISO17025 accredited with an extensive scope of calibration to provide our clients comfort.


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